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Get Started on the Pulsar Science Collaboratory!

Create an account

To join the Pulsar Science Collaboratory (PSC), you will need an account. The PSC uses ORCiD, a persistent digital identifier for students, educators, and researchers. follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
    1. If you have an existing ORCiD, you can sign in with your ORCiD by clicking "Sign in with ORCiD"
    2. If you don't have an ORCiD, you can create one by clicking "Create an ORCiD" and complete the ORCiD form by filling out your name, email, set a password, choose your visibility setting, and agree to the terms of use.  [Tip! If you already have an account on the previous Pulsar site, it would be best to use the same e-mail when creating your ORCiD account.]
  2. After you sign-in with your ORCiD and authorize your ORCiD to be linked to PSC, you will be required to validate your e-mail address on the PSC. Use the same email address you used on your ORCiD. 
  3. You will then see "Account Created!" - Congratulations! You can now access the PSC and start discovering pulsars. 


Are you a new student or Team Member?

Join the PSC course

Complete the PSC online course to learn about pulsars. Enroll in the course at PSC Online Training Workshop and click on "Go to Course" and confirm your enrollment by clicking "Enroll for free!"

Start grading pulsars!

Start grading pulsars and see how your team is ranking by going to the Pulsar Search Dashboard.

Stay in the know on the PSC Slack

On the PSC Slack you can celebrate your grading successes and hear from the PSC team when the next workshop session will start. Join the slack channel by clicking on the link: PSC Slack.

Meet other students in the Team Members Group

You can meet other students participating in the PSC Online Training Workshop by joining the Team Members Group. You can introduce yourself to this group in the Team Members Group - Forum.


Are you a Team Leader?

Check the progress of your team's training in the course

Enroll in the course at PSC Online Training Workshop and click on "Go to Course" and confirm your enrollment by clicking "Enroll for free!"   To be added as an Instructor for the course so that you can follow students' progress, contact one of the course admins: Maura McLaughlin, Sue Ann Heatherly, or Harsha Blumer.

Start grading pulsars!

See how your team is doing with their pulsar grading and their ranking by going to the Pulsar Search Dashboard.

Meet other leaders in the Team Leaders Group

Learn more about your role and how to use the PSC experience by joining the Team Leaders Group

Join the PSC Slack

You can join the PSC Slack to stay up to date about the workshop and celebrate your team's progress. post a message to the PSC Slack!


Are you a...

  • Mentor: Join the Mentors Group for more information about how you can guide the next generation of STEM students!
  • Astronomer: Learn more about PSC by joining the Astronomers group and start grading pulsars in the Pulsar Search.
  • Pulsar Enthusiast!: Interested in learning more about PSC and the workshops that we offer students? Learn more on our About page. You can get in contact with the PSC team at Contact Us.

To all...

  • To receive Announcements by e-mail, go to your user profile (accessible from your HUBzero dashboard) and change the "Receive E-mail Updates" to Yes.  The announcements come in the form of a Newsletter, but only as needed, not as a regular publication. You can find past Announcements at or under the Community menu as Announcements.

  • Need help?


Not sure what to do next or experiencing any issues? The PSC team can help! Submit a support ticket or post a message to the PSC Slack.

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