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Tracking Course Progress

As a student, the course will track your personal progress. To view your progress in a course:

  1. Navigate to the course and from the course overview, click on the Go to Course button
  2. Click on the Progress tab to view the progress overview page
  3. A chart will appear displaying information about your overall progress in the course versus where the course instructor thinks you should be
  4. Here is a breakdown of the progress information chart:
    1. The Running Person: This figure displays the course’s progress. Course instructors predetermine where students should be by setting dates for each section of the course. The “Running Person” helps indicate what a student has completed in the course.
    2. The Progress Bubbles: These blue bubbles that the “Running Man” runs on indicates how much progress a student has completed in each area. The bubble will be all the way filled in blue with a check mark to indicate that all the material has been completed for that section.
    3. Your Current Score: This percentage is the student’s current score in the course. The grade is calculated by the ‘grading policy’ that is predetermined by the hub administrators.
    4. Quizzes Taken: The number of quizzes taken by a student out of the total amount of quizzes in the course.
    5. Homework Submitted: The number of homework submitted by a student out of the total amount of homework in the course.
    6. Exams Taken: The number of exams taken by a student out of the total amount of exams in the course.
    7. Grade Breakdown: A list of all the sections in the course. The percentage listed on the right side is the section’s grade percentage.

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